iPad Pro highlights preview: screen upgrade will be as soon as September 2020

The new iPad Pro is already on the road, are you expecting it? Two iPad Pro models currently sold by Apple. As usual, Apple will release the next-generation iPad Pro in March next year.

However, according to well-known analyst Guo Mingzhang, Apple may launch the latest iPad Pro model in the second half of 2020. The iPad Pro 12.9-inch version may be equipped with an advanced mini-LED display, which will be amazingly equipped with about 10,000 LEDs.

Famous analyst Guo Mingzhang said that Apple headquarters in Cupertino is developing an advanced mini-LED display for the 12.9-inch iPad.

This display will have higher productivity and help improve battery life.

At the same time, this display will have a higher pixel density and a thinner and lighter design.

This new display technology is intended to bridge the gap between the OLED display used on the iPhone and the micro-LED screen that will eventually bring glory to future products, but for the iPad, this transition will be more than just a transition.

According to Guo Mingxiu’s report, this major screen upgrade will appear with the Apple A14X chipset.

This means that this new iPad is expected to be unveiled sometime in the third quarter of next year, and it is likely to be officially unveiled at Apple’s September annual conference.

However, due to the additional costs associated with mini-LED technology and a more powerful chipset, the new iPad will be sold at a much higher price than the older models.

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