iOS 13.3 released: can filter iMessage spam

Apple released updates for iOS 13.3 and iPadOS 13.3 in the early hours of this morning, including improvements and bug fixes, and added more parental controls in “Screen Time”.

  • In addition, Apple iOS 13.3 also has a filtering function for iMessage spam.
  • At the same time, Apple also updated watchOS 6.1.1 and tvOS 13.3.
  • In addition, according to feedback from netizens, after updating iOS 13.3, Unicom VoLTE services can be used.

Here are the updates:

iOS 13.3 includes improvements and bug fixes, and adds more parental controls to Screen Time.

Screen time

New parental controls provide more communication restrictions to restrict who your children can contact by phone, FaceTime, or Message

Parents can manage the contacts displayed on their children’s devices through their child’s contact list

Stock market

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This update also includes bug fixes and other improvements:

  • Create new video clips when trimming videos in Photos
  • Added support for security keys for NFC, USB and Lightning FIDO2 in Safari
  • Fixed an issue where Mail could not download new mail
  • Resolved an issue where Gmail accounts couldn’t delete messages
  • Addressed an issue that could cause messages in Exchange accounts to display incorrect characters and duplicate messages sent
  • Fixed an issue where the cursor might not move after long pressing the space bar
  • Resolved an issue that could cause the screen shots sent via Messages to become blurry
  • Resolved an issue where screenshots after cropping or using “Mark” might not be saved to “Photos”
  • Fixed the issue that “Voice memo” recording may not be shared with other audio apps
  • Resolved an issue where the missed call flag of the Phone app might not be cleared
  • Addressed an issue where the “Cellular Data” setting might incorrectly appear to be off
  • · Fixed the issue that “Dark” mode could not be turned off when “Smart Reverse” was enabled
  • Addressed an issue where some wireless chargers might charge more slowly than expected

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