India’s First Female Robot has Emerged

New Delhi (Monitoring Desk) India’s first female robot has hit the spot. According to Mail Online, the ‘Half Humanoid Robot’ was developed by the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO), India’s space research agency. It is made without human-like robot legs that will be sent by space scientists on space for their research mission. Astro scientists are launching an unmanned mission into space in December this year in which the female robot will go.
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The female robot has been named Vyommitra, which was introduced to the media today. Volume meters can speak two languages, recognize human faces, and answer people’s questions. When he was presented to the media, he himself welcomed reporters. He spoke English in Indian accent and said, “Hi, I’m the first prototype volume of Half Humanoid. I can be your friend and talk to astronauts. I can even recognize their faces and answer their questions. ”ISRO has stated that humans will be sent to space on a space mission in December 2022 following the success of this mission in December this year.

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