I was soaked in sweat and no breathing a 30year old model from the Corona virus said

Canberra :30-year-old Australian model Anton Clement is now in health after suffering a Corona virus. He has now shared the details of his illness with the world. According to Mail Online, Clement says she was vacationing in France where she suffered the Corona virus. Initially, she suffered from dry cough and shortness of breath, which she underwent tests where the virus was confirmed.

Clement said that as the symptoms progressed a little, my whole body started to become sweaty and my breathing receded. With every breath my lungs heard a strange sound and my whole body ached. The last few days I have been in extreme fear but now my condition is much better and my fears are gone. It is important to note that Clement is still in the hospital and that other friends on vacation are being kept in isolation.

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