Human rights should be respected in occupied Kashmir

Human rights should be respected in occupied Kashmir

Islamabad:  UN Secretary-“General Antonio Guterres” says human rights in occupied Kashmir should be respected in every way.

According to Express News, UN delegation met UN Secretary-“General Antonio Guterres”  in Islamabad, delegation included refugees from Afghanistan, Tajikistan and Yemen; Informed of skills related experiences. The refugees also reported to the Secretary-General the reports of torture and violence in their countries.

Antonio Guterres” said that Pakistan provided shelter to the 45 million refugees affected by the Afghan war and made good arrangements for them.

Addressing a function later, UN Secretary-“General Antonio Guterres” said that there is a water agreement between Pakistan and India, the World Bank is guaranteed in the deal, we have a similar agreement with Spain, not water weapons but peace. Should be guaranteed.

He said that human rights should be respected in occupied Kashmir, humanity should be respected not only in Kashmir but all over the world. Human Rights Commissioner’s two reports are a complete reflection of the human rights situation in Kashmir.


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