Huawei Using GMS to Develop its Own HMS

Although Fred Wangfei, general manager of Huawei Austria, previously stated that even if the US ban has been lifted, Huawei has no plan to re-use Google Mobile Services. But decided to continue to develop its own HMS alternative. However, according to the latest reports from foreign media, Huawei is now making concessions on this issue.

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Huawei Permission to Google

According to the world-renowned technology media The Verge, in an email sent to it by a Huawei spokesperson, “the open Android ecosystem is still our first choice. This includes GMS (Google Mobile Services). We have become the second-ranked company in terms of global smartphone shipments. “The spokesperson went on to say” I believe both Google and Huawei want permission, but you need to confirm with Google. “

Despite last year’s ban storm, Huawei decided to develop its independent HMS (Huawei Mobile Service) to get rid of its dependence on GMS. However, HMS cannot replace the demand of western users for other commonly used apps such as Gmail and Google Calendar, which inevitably affects their overseas sales.

Development of HMS Serveries

Although it showed an open attitude towards the reuse of GMS, Huawei still showed its determination to adhere to the development of HMS. The spokesperson emphasized that they welcome developers to join the development of HMS, and reiterated that Huawei has been one of the main contributors to the Android open source operating system in the past five years.

Huawei’s development in the West

Although the United States has repeatedly blocked Huawei’s development in the West, including cutting off cooperation with Google and organizing its participation in 5G construction in European countries. 

However, judging from the results, not most countries accepted Trump’s request. Britain, for example, rejected the US request, allowing Huawei to continue to participate in its non-core 5G construction. Perhaps this year, Huawei will take this opportunity to cooperate with Google again and gradually restore its share in overseas markets.

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