Huawei replaces Google Maps with its own phone, Huawei partners with TomTom

Netease Technology News on January 18, according to foreign media reports, Dutch navigation and digital map company TomTom confirmed on Friday local time that the company has reached an agreement with Huawei to use its maps and services in Huawei smartphone applications.

In 2019, Huawei was included in the so-called “physical list” of the United States and was banned from using Google’s official Android operating system and applications such as Google Maps on new phones. To this end, Huawei began building its own smartphone operating system.

The partnership agreement with TomTom means that Huawei can now use the Dutch company’s mapping, traffic information and navigation software to develop applications for its smartphones.

A TomTom spokesman said that the transaction was completed some time ago, but the two parties chose not to make it public. The spokesman declined to provide more details about the agreement.

TomTom is moving from selling equipment to providing software services. Last year it sold its telematics unit to Bridsterone in Japan, focusing on digital map-related businesses.

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