HUAWEI P40 Pro new color “Mint Green” exposed!

HUAWEI will officially release the new flagship P40 Pro at the end of March. Earlier, the specifications and appearance of the aircraft have been fully exposed. Recently, Twitter user leaks revealed the new color of the P40 Pro.

The new rendering of the HUAWEI P40 Pro revealed by twitter leaks on Twitter shows that the overall appearance of the machine is the same as the previously rendered rendering, but the color system is a new color, which is called “Mint Green The fresh mint green color scheme is the same as the HUAWEI P10 ‘s plant-green color scheme, and it is used again in the P series.

Huawei mobile phone new design patent exposure: rear “X” five shots

According to earlier data, HUAWEI will launch three phones, P40, P40 PRO, and P40 Premium. The P40 Premium version will be equipped with five lenses, while the P40 Pro will be equipped with four lenses, which are 52 million like  1 / 1.3-inch sensors and 16-in-1. Quad Quad Bayer filter + 40 megapixel cinema lens (1 / 1.5-inch sensor) + 8 megapixel periscope lens with 10x optical zoom + a 3D ToF lens and a macro lens.

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