Huawei P40 Prices Expose Much Cheaper than Last Year

Earlier, Huawei Consumer Business CEO Richard Yu – CEO said in an interview with French media that the Huawei P40 series will be released in Paris, France in March this year. 

Huawei P40 Camera Configuration

In addition to appearance, camera and configuration. The price of this series of mobile phones is also the focus of attention. But the price of Huawei P40 series is likely to be cheaper than we expected.

A few days ago, the Huawei P40’s overseas starting price was revealed, with a price of 599 euros, equivalent to about 4585 yuan. For comparison, last year the Huawei P30 started at 799 euros and the P30 Pro started at 999 euros. If this price information is true, it means that the price of Huawei P40 series may be much cheaper than the previous generation model.

Flagships Phone

According to past experience, the prices of Huawei phones, especially flagship phones like the P series and Mate series, will be more than 1,000 yuan lower than overseas versions.

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If the starting price of the Huawei P40 is based on this exposure, the price of the National Bank version may be more than 3500 yuan, which is expected to remain at the same price level as the P30. 

The Huawei P30 was priced at  Rs. 89,999. at launch in Pakistan.

Huawei P40 Features:

But also pay attention to another problem, which is the network problem. At present, Huawei has not determined whether the P40 series is only a version of 5G, or like the Mate30 series, it adopts a dual version strategy of 4G + 5G. 

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If it is the former, it will undoubtedly have a high market competitiveness if it is matched with the starting price of the same level as Huawei P30 last year; if it is the latter, the starting price of the 5G version may be higher than the price exposed today.

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