HUAWEI Nova 7i Price and Review: Flat-Screen Four-Mirror Mid-Range Phone

HUAWEI Nova 7i Price and Review: Recently launched a new mid-range phone Nova 7i in Hong Kong. The biggest feature of this phone is a 48-megapixel four-mirror combination and Kirin 810 processor, which is similar to the Nova 5 specifications released last year. In addition, Nova 7i is the first Nova series phone using HMS. Is there any difference between using it and the GMS phone?

HUAWEI Nova 7i Price and Review:
  • KIRIN 810 has excellent performance and power consumption
  • Excellent battery life, 8-9 hours on screen
  • Google Mobile Service is not supported
  • Four-mirror shooting performance can be regarded as one of the best in the mid-range machine
  • SIM card slot is 1 SIM + 1 SIM / External card-  NM Card design

HUAWEI Nova 7i Specification:

HUAWEI Nova 7i Price and Review Flat-Screen Four-Mirror Mid-Range Phone (6)

In fact, HUAWEI Nova 7i has multiple names in the global market. It is called Nova 6 SE in China and P40 lite in Europe. However, no matter what the name is, all three names have the same specifications. The Hong Kong version is now available in green, pink and black, with a suggested retail price of $ 2,488. In terms of appearance design, a 6.4-inch aperture screen (2310 x 1080) is used.

HUAWEI Nova 7i Price and Review: Flat-Screen Four-Mirror Mid-Range Phone

In addition to greatly increasing the screen ratio to 90.6%, this design can also keep the size of the mobile phone at a suitable level, but the weight of 183g is inevitable. The user feels awkward. The fingerprint reader is placed on the right side of the fuselage, which is a more special design. As for the back of the fuselage, the most special thing is that it uses the same four-lens module design as the HUAWEI Mate 20, and it is placed on the upper left of the back.

HUAWEI Nova 7i Price and Review: Flat-Screen Four-Mirror Mid-Range Phone

▲ A 16 million selfie camera is mounted in the opening of the screen

HUAWEI Nova 7i Price and Review: Flat-Screen Four-Mirror Mid-Range Phone

▲ There is a dual SIM card slot on the right side of the fuselage, and it supports NM Card expansion.

HUAWEI Nova 7i Price and Review: Flat-Screen Four-Mirror Mid-Range Phone

▲ There is a volume button on the left side of the fuselage and a power button with a fingerprint reader. This design will only appear on a few HUAWEI phones.

HUAWEI Nova 7i Price and Review: Flat-Screen Four-Mirror Mid-Range Phone

▲ There is a Type-C charging interface and a speaker at the bottom of the fuselage, and a 3.5mm headphone slot.

▲ The  Android 10+ EMUI 10 system is pre-installed and the HMS server is used instead. After deducting the EMUI 10 system from the 128GB version, users still have about 115.26GB of space available, which is reasonable for a mid-range phone. As for the functions and operations in the system, most of the functions on the HUAWEI mobile phone can be accessed on the Nova 7i, such as “one-hand mode”, “gesture operation” and “timer switch” functions. As for everyone, will HUAWEI phones without GMS be convenient? Well actually not easy, but a habit, as long as the user’s own APPGallery with HMS and APKPure two stores can not solve the problem of GMS.

▲ AppGallery has provided a variety of applications commonly used in Hong Kong, such as, JOOX, MOOV, HSBC, BOCHK, NWFB, OPEN RICE, etc., and will continue to increase.

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▲ Nova 7i equipped with Kirn 810 processor, supports high pixel and high frame rate settings in two major gaming games. Legendary matchups support high frame rate mode, ultra high definition display, and HD picture quality. The highest support of PUBG The extreme frame rate and smooth picture quality are superclass for a phone priced at $ 2,488.

▲ In terms of shooting performance, it is equipped with four to AI lenses, including 48 million main mirrors + 8 million super wide-angle lenses + 2 million depth of field lens + 2 million macro lenses. Nova 7i   ‘s 48-megapixel primary mirror supports the new high-definition multi-frame photo compositing technology. In addition, an 8-megapixel ultra-wide-angle lens provides a 120-degree field of view.

Shooting effect of the main lens:

HUAWEI Nova 7i Price and Review: Flat-Screen Four-Mirror Mid-Range Phone

Wide-angle lens fingering effect:

HUAWEI Nova 7i Price and Review: Flat-Screen Four-Mirror Mid-Range Phone

Depth of field effect of finger lens:

HUAWEI Nova 7i Price and Review: Flat-Screen Four-Mirror Mid-Range Phone

Endurance test

Kirin 810 is the first mid-level 8-core processor with a 7nm process. It uses its own DaVinci NPU and is designed for AI artificial intelligence operations. The advantage of Kirin 810 is that it is produced using TSMC’s 7nm process, which is more advanced than the 10nm and 8nm processes used by Qualcomm’s mid-range processors. On the core side, there is a 2.27 GHz dual-core Cortex-A76 + 1.88Ghz six-core Cortex A55, and the official designation Kirin 810 is 162% faster than Kirin 710.

9-hour test method

Mobile phone basic installation software: basic communication software – WhatsApp, long-term background running software-Facebook Page, etc.

The test method is divided into three parts within 9 hours:

  • 3.1 Video – Youtube 720 / 1080p 1 hour (Wifi), and receive WhatsApp and other communications
  • 3.1.2 Movies — Netflix
  • 3.2 Games (High Power Consumption Type)-PUBG Mobile Extreme Frame Rate
  • 3.3 Communication, Internet access, film, and call use
  • 3.4 Standby – can still receive communications such as WhatsApp, but the phone will remain closed for a long time – about 4 hours, and will also connect to WhatsApp desktop version for communication!

The above test formula is based on the actual use of mobile phones in daily life, and is tested with a high performance of 3 hours! Why 3 hours: 1 hour by rework, 1 hour by car, and an additional 1 hour for backup.

* Because GMS is not supported, some games and applications are not supported. Among them, the positioning game Pokemon Go cannot run normally because it is connected to the Google Map API, so this part is replaced by Netflix for 1 hour.

Test Results

Single card, open Bluetooth, open positioning

Test time: 10: 30-19: 30

Total test time: 9hr

Start testing power: 100%

Total power consumption throughout the test: 49%

Screen opening time: 5 hours and 12 minutes

The test was finished until 19:30 and then spent two hours on the Internet and one night of standby.

testing time
Duration (screen-on time)
Used battery
Test started
Basic call and communication use (Internet and standby)
10: 31-12: 44
 1 hour
PUBG MOBILE (High Performance)
12: 44-13: 44
13: 44-14: 44
Basic call and communication use (standby and internet )
14: 44-16: 31
16: 31-17: 31
17: 32-19: 30

HUAWEI Nova 7i ‘s endurance performance is acceptable, thanks to its 4200 mAh capacity battery and Kirin 810 processor. Test results show that it completes the entire test at 48%, and it is estimated that the screen can be used for 9 hours. Thanks to the Kirin 810 8 core division of labor, the power consumption of surfing the Internet and broadcasting is low, about 12% and 7% for 1 hour, which can meet the needs of up to two days.

It has a moderate power consumption in this aspect In terms of PUBG MOBILE, it supports HDR high-definition image quality and high frame number settings. It only takes 12% in one hour, which means that under this performance, it can run for about 7-8 hours. Based on the above results, its battery life is slightly better than other mid-range mobile phones. I believe this is due to the low power consumption performance of Kirin 810 using the 7nm process.

HUAWEI Nova 7i  installs Google service teaching

Tested by Xiaobian, this method can successfully install Google services for the Hong Kong version of HUAWEI Nova 7i, MediaPad M6, and Mate Xs. As for the Mate 30 series, some of them are available. In advance, you need to prepare a USB-C finger, download the following two files, and unzip it into the USB-C finger.

▲ Open the HUAWEI store and update HUAWEI BACKUP to the latest version

▲ After finishing, connect your USB-C finger to the HUAWEI phone, and then open the settings in the HUAWEI phone> System and Update> Backup and Restore> Backup Data (Huawei Data)> External Storage Space> USB Storage Device Backup file. (The password is: mobilemagazine123)

▲ Start Google Service Assistant again, and click Re-Download, the downloading abnormality (normal) should appear.

▲ After completion, install 5 APK files in the “Google APK” file from top to bottom.

▲ Open the Play Store and log in to your Google Account.

▲ A successful installation

to sum up:

Although HUAWEI Nova 7i does not use GMS to switch to HMS, with the support behind HUAWEI, the HMS architecture is getting stronger and stronger. However, users who switch to HUAWEI HMS mobile phones must be mentally prepared to change their previous habit of relying on GMS. However, for $ 2,488 to play with a KIRIN 810 processor running over 300,000 points, Nova 7i is a recent mobile phone!

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