Huawei HMS new terms exposed: EMUI system to add advertising

IT House January 17 News According to foreign media MySmartPrice, Huawei has recently updated overseas mobile phone systems to add the recently released Huawei Mobile Services Core Service (HMS Core). In addition to the new update, Huawei has also updated the Terms and Conditions page, which now shows the first traces of personalized system-wide advertising. The Terms and Conditions page discusses the “Huawei Advertising” platform that may be added to all devices, including those that do not have access to Google Play services devices.

The “Terms and Conditions” page lists some important points and clarifies some important points for Huawei advertising:

  • Personal data used for personalized advertising is retained for one year from the date of collection.
  • Data is stored in data centers in Hong Kong and Singapore.
  • If the user agrees, the Huawei advertising platform will also collect and process the user’s location information (via GPS) to provide “geographically relevant” ads.
  • Additionally, if you currently live in any of these countries, your data may also be processed by local customer service centers located in, for example, Egypt, Mexico, India, South Korea, and Pakistan.

Of course, it’s hard to say when Huawei will implement the ad, but the terms and conditions page clearly indicates the plan to push Huawei ads.

Yesterday, Huawei announced the HMS Core 4.0 service. In addition to the Huawei account, payment, analysis, cloud space, and game services that have been in operation for many years, it has also launched advertising and positioning services for four months, and also added Many developers have been waiting for new capabilities, including machine learning services, context-aware services, unified code scanning services, short-range communication services, panoramic services, security detection services, dynamic label manager services, online rapid authentication services, Location services, fast application services, digital rights services, sports health services, user identity services, many of these services also bring new features for developers to integrate Huawei core-end-cloud capabilities.

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