HUAWEI GMS is Expected to Be Reborn? Google Requests Reinstatement of Cooperation

HUAWEI GMS (Google Mobile Services): After HUAWEI was blacklisted by the U.S. Department of Commerce in May of last year, Google suspended cooperation with the other party, and the subsequent mobile phones that were listed could not use Google services, including applications such as Youtube, Gmail and Google Play Store. Show that something is going wrong or that there is a turnaround.

According to overseas media reports, Google has applied to the U.S. government and hopes to continue to cooperate with HUAWEI to provide GMS mobile services for HUAWEI smartphones. Sameer Samat, vice president of Android and Google Play, said that Google has applied to the US government to resume business between the two, and in addition to Google, Microsoft has previously resumed cooperation with HUAWEI to allow laptops to use Windows systems and other Microsoft services.

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Earlier, HUAWEI has officially launched Mobile Services HUAWEIMobile Services  (HMS) instead of Google GMS to run on HUAWEI mobile phones in order to solve GMS problems, and plans to invest 1 billion US dollars to launch plans to encourage developers to join the HMS ecosystem, which may seriously affect Google ’s interests And attract other manufacturers to follow suit.


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