Huawei announces UK £ 20 million investment plan to accelerate development of mobile phone ecosystem

On January 15, local time, the first Huawei UK and Ireland Developer Conference was held in the British capital London. During the event, Huawei announced a £ 20 million investment plan to encourage British and Irish developers to integrate applications into the “Huawei Mobile Services” ecosystem. The event showed British companies the opportunities brought by “Huawei Mobile Services”, including direct access to Huawei’s latest hardware and leading artificial intelligence technology. 

In May 2019, after the U.S. Department of Commerce included Huawei in its physical list for fear of national security, Google stopped providing GMS services to Huawei’s new phones. Since then, Huawei has accelerated its own “Huawei Mobile Services” to improve user experience.

Currently, the system has 600 million active users in more than 170 countries, and 72 million European users, including the United Kingdom. 

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