Huawei announces donation of 30 million yuan to Wuhan for epidemic prevention and control

Netease Technology News January 26 news, Huawei announced that it has donated 30 million yuan to the Wuhan Charity Federation account for epidemic prevention and control.

Huawei said, “Salute all medical and epidemic prevention workers who are fighting at the forefront! Wuhan people cheer!”

Previously, Huawei supported Hubei Mobile and Hubei Unicom to launch Caidian Vulcan Mountain 5G base station. Huawei’s Hubei representative office urgently set up a Spring Festival outbreak protection project team on the 23rd, arranging about 150 people for protection. From receiving the notification from the Wuhan City Epidemic Prevention and Control Emergency Command to the commissioning of 5G base stations, the entire construction from network planning, survey, design and construction to fiber laying, erecting base stations, commissioning and commissioning was completed in just 3 days. Process.

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