HTC top VR glasses official announced straight down 2000 yuan: rare intensity

According to foreign media AnandTech reports, HTC will reduce the price of the Vive Pro only including the headset from $ 799 to $ 599 from today. At the same time, the Bank of China version also carried out corresponding price reductions. The version that includes only the Vive Pro headset has been reduced from the original price of 6488 yuan to 5588 yuan, while the basic package version including two locators and two control handles (SteamVR 1.0 base station) has been lowered from the original price of 9888 yuan to 7888 yuan.

 As for the professional package version equipped with two 2.0 positioners and two newly designed control handles (SteamVR 2.0 base station), the price has been reduced from 11,888 yuan to 10,888 yuan.

It should be noted that HTC ’s Vive Pro Eye, which supports eye-tracking, was not included in this price reduction. According to HTC’s previous description of the product positioning of Vive headsets, Vive Pro is mainly targeted at enterprise users, while the consumer market provides three different types of Vive, VIVE FOCUS all-in-one, and VIVE Cosmos. Consumers buy.

However, from the perspective of the VR industry trend, even HTC’s substantial price reductions on its VR headsets cannot win the favor of mainstream consumers. Manufacturers who are still focusing on the VR field have already begun to interface with enterprise users and launched VR headsets with better immersion for them. Consumer VR headsets are limited by insufficient content resources, and many users are left behind after the experience.

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