How to use Auto-Fill Service in Android Phone 2020

Auto-Fill service in Android: System-wide auto-fill service was first introduced with Android Oreo. This auto-fill feature proves to be especially useful for users who change their devices very quickly or when you reinstall the application.

In addition to auto-fill service on the Android platform, you get some third-party applications like LastPass, Keeper Password Manager, 1Password, etc. Most of the brands use Google’s Auto-Fill option but all are their own choices like Samsung has also set its Samsung Pass as the default auto-fill.

Why Need Auto-Fill service?

Your social media or banking related passwords are very sensitive data, which you do not want to bear with anyone, but you can trust auto-fill service. I personally use Google’s Auto-Fill but you can also use a third-party password manager or service like Samsung Pass of your choice.

How to use Auto-Fill service in Android Phone 2020


Let’s now look at the whole process:

How to use Auto-Fill

Step-1: Go to Settings on the phone.

Step-2: Now you go to the “Language and Input” option. You can find this option in Settings or also under System Settings or General Management Options.

How to use Auto-Fill service in Android Phone 2020

Step-3: On entering the “Language and Input” menu, you have to select the AutoFill Service option. After this, you can use the auto-fill option given on your phone or can also download from Google Play Store.

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How to use Auto-Fill service in Android Phone 2020

Now you are ready to use this service.

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