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How to Use a free Telegram proxy in Pakistan 2023?

When it comes to digital communication, Pakistan has experienced several restrictions. Due to the leaked content, the Pakistani government has barred access to the well-known messaging service Telegram. Given that it is a practical and secure method of communication with friends and family, this has offended and alarmed many Pakistani citizens. Fortunately, there is a way to use a free Telegram proxy in Pakistan 2023 to unblock Telegram in that country. 

With the use of Telegram proxy online, users in Pakistan will have unrestricted access to the messaging service, enabling them to interact openly and without concern for censorship or surveillance. Pakistanis can communicate with relatives and close friends using Telegram even if the Government places restrictions on it. 

Why Do I Need a Free Telegram Proxy in Pakistan? 

Although it is a relatively young messaging service, many governments have already outlawed Telegram. The issue is that since Telegram is renowned for its confidentiality and anonymity, many governments and organizations are completely powerless to regulate it. Due to its close ties to terrorism, Pakistan was the first nation to prohibit access to the platform. 

Since then, the Pakistani government has blocked a number of websites to keep its people from viewing any content that it views as inciting terrorism. You will need to figure out how to use a free Telegram proxy for Pakistan if you reside there and want to use it to connect with your friends. 

You must use the Telegram Proxy for Pakistan services, which will enable you to access the app without any limitations, as one method of getting it unblocked. This proxy can also be used to access other restricted websites in Pakistan. Everybody can complete this process because it is quick and easy. 

With the help of the proxy, you can visit the restricted website from a different location and change your IP address. This is the greatest option because it is straightforward, cost-free, and simple to use and allows you to access prohibited content, websites, or apps.

How to set up a free Telegram Proxy in Pakistan 2023?

It is simple and quick to use a  Free Telegram Proxy for Pakistan 2023. 

Telegram Proxy Setting

  • Install the Telegram app on your smartphone.
  • Find a reliable and trustworthy Telegram proxy server. You may find a multitude of proxy servers by typing “Telegram proxy for Pakistan” into a search engine.
  • Open the Telegram app, then navigate to settings.
  • Click “Proxy Settings” in the “Advanced” section as you scroll down.
  • Enter the IP address and port number for the proxy server that you found.
  • After saving the changes, restart the Telegram application.

Types of Telegram Proxies

The three proxy types that work with Telegram are SOCKS5, HTTP, and MTProto. You have the option of changing the Telegram proxy you want to use, or you can just utilize the system’s default proxy settings.

The Pros and Cons of each kind of proxy for use with Telegram are listed below:

SOCKS5 Proxy 
Pros  Cons
Supports UDP traffic, which can enhance performance for some applications.  It could be less safe than other types of proxies 
Effective for getting over firewalls and censorship. Authentication is optional and it does not provide encryption on its own. 
Suitable for both TCP and UDP traffic  Some apps might not function properly with SOCKS5.
HTTP Proxy

How to Use a free Telegram proxy in Pakistan 2023?

Pros Cons
Widely supported by devices and applications For some traffic types, it may not perform as well as SOCKS5.
Adaptable to HTTP and HTTPS traffic. Applications that call for bidirectional communication could not function well with it.
Backs encryption and authentication Some firewalls and censorship systems may stop it.
MTProto Proxy
Pros Cons
Specifically designed for Telegram, making it very suitable Demands a more difficult configuration procedure than SOCKS5 or HTTP
Enables end-to-end traffic encryption, offering a high level of security. As it only functions with Telegram, it cannot be used with other programs.
Low latency and speed optimization Authentication may be trickier with this sort of proxy than with others.


What are the Potential risks of using a free Telegram Proxy?

The use of a free Telegram proxy carries no significant dangers. However, it’s crucial to remember that there is no security with free services, therefore you should use the proxy exclusively for Telegram chats and for no other purpose. Someone can report you to the government or your company if they discover that you are using a proxy.

 You must utilize a proxy carefully because this could lead to major issues for you. Another crucial point to keep in mind is that certain websites have proxy-blocking features, so it’s recommended to test out a few proxy sites to locate the one that works best for you.


How can I set up the SOCKS5 proxy on Telegram?

By choosing the “Settings” option, scroll to “Data and Storage” and then tap it. From the “Proxy” section at the bottom of the page, choose “Proxy Settings”. “Add Proxy” should be chosen from the menu. When a new tab starts, SOCKS5 will be selected by default.

Can I use Telegram in Pakistan?

Some countries including Pakistan, are blocked by Telegram, making it unavailable to its inhabitants. Fortunately, utilizing a Telegram proxy provides a way to use Telegram in Pakistan without a VPN.


You can utilize Telegram’s “Add proxy” feature if you’re worried about the security of your data. The messaging app Telegram is useful for staying in touch with loved ones. In order to know How to Use a free Telegram proxy in Pakistan 2023 you can read the above guide. 


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