How to unblock yourself on Whatsapp

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Are you worried about being blocked by someone on Whatsapp? Do you want to contact someone who has blocked you on Whatsapp? Have you ever wondered you can unblock yourself on Whatsapp? We are here to help you. if you want to learn how to unblock yourself on Whatsapp, then this guide is for you.

Most of us have faced this situation and you are surely here because you are suffering the same problem and are in search of a solution to unblock yourself in 2022.

Before we proceed, you must know that the latest version of Whatsapp is highly secure. It does not allow you to contact a person who has blocked you but there are several tricks by which you will be able to contact those. Let’s learn how you can do so?

How to know someone has blocked you on whatsapp?

Here is the method to know whether your Whatsapp number is blocked or not

  • you are unable to see the profile picture of that person
    If that person has not set display the profile picture, then it will display as an avatar
  • you are not getting anything in the about section of the respective person
  • you are unable to see the last scene of that person so you cannot see whether that person is online or offline
  • when you try to send any media or message to that person, there is only a single tick that means your message or content is not delivered to that person
  • if you try to create a Whatsapp group and try to add them in that group in the group, you get a message ” couldn’t add <name of that person> ”
  • when you try to call that person, you see “calling” but it does not turn to “ringing”. Normally there is always “calling” pop up when that person is offline but it is only when he/she is online

so if all the above conditions are not true, then it is possible that you are not blocked on Whatsapp. But if the above-explained conditions are true then surely you are blocked. Now we are about to see how can we unblock ourselves.

Methods to unblock Yourself on Whatsapp

There are many tricks to unblock on Whatsapp. These include unblocking by

  1. creating a Whatsapp group
  2. creating a broadcast
  3. deleting your Whatsapp account

these three methods we are going to discuss next. Just follow the steps explained.

Unblock Yourself by Creating a Whatapp Group

You can unblock yourself by creating a Whatsapp group. Here are the following steps to do so

  1. First of all you must have two whatsapp accounts in your phone
  2. create a Whatsapp group with the number which is not blocked.
  3. you can also get two Whatsapp accounts by installing Whatsapp moded versions like gbwhatsapp, fmwhatsapp, yowhatsapp, etc. The other way you can do so is by asking a mutual friend to create a Whatsapp group
  4. now add the respective person who has blocked you and also add your blocked Whatsapp number in the group
  5. now you can exit the group by number by with which you have created the group
  6. in this way, you will be able to contact that person. This is the 100% working method by which you can send messages to a person who has blocked you on Whatsapp

Unblock by Deleting Whatsapp Account or Creating a Broadcast

The latter two methods which include unblocking yourself by deleting a Whatsapp account or creating a broadcast worked in the old days on the previous Whatsapp versions but today those tricks are not working. So we are not going to discuss them. We will upload those tricks if they start working again