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How to Post on Instagram: 4 Simple Steps

Instagram is now becoming one of the most widely used social media platforms in the last few years. With more than 1 billion active users, Instagram reaches a high number of downloads at the Google Play Store. But most people don’t know how to post on Instagram or how to add music to Instagram posts, don’t worry we are here to provide you with a complete guide on how you post on Instagram in a few simple steps.

Create Your First Post on Instagram

There are some simple and easy steps you have to follow to post on Instagram.

Step I: Click the + icon to Post on Instagram

If you want to gain a good Instagram marketing strategy and want to increase your followers, likes, and views it is important to post regularly. As to generate high-quality content you need to go through several steps.

In the very first step, you need to click the icon with the + sign located at the bottom of the Instagram home page.

Step II: Select the Type of Content 

In this step, you need to choose the type of post you want to upload or the content that is your top priority. There are 4 types of posts first you can upload as a simple post where you can post any image with background music or video, second, you can reel, story, or also a live video.

Create your First Instagram Feed Post

As we mentioned above the first type of post that you can post on Instagram is the Instagram Feed Post. You can post any image or video depending on your interest and preferences.

To begin, click the Post choice from the list of choices. Your camera roll will pop up so you can choose a photograph or video you’ve already prepared, although you truly do have the choice to tap the camera icon and snap a picture or video right now in the application.

How to Post on Instagram: 4 Simple Steps

There are three sorts of feed posts you can make:

  • Simple post: In this way, you can add a simple picture with a caption and upload it.
  • Video post: In a video post, you have to post any video short or long it depends on your needs.
  • Carousel post: A group of up to 10 images as well as videos in a single post on your Instagram feed.

Not only this you can even edit your images or videos before posting it. There are many editing tools available in the cameral roll of Instagram. You can crop, trim, and adjust your images. Similarly, you can add filters from 20 different color shades of filter that are available in the Instagram edit section.

Create Your Instagram Story

Instagram stories are the same as WhatsApp statuses, which can disappear after 24 hours. But you can add your Instagram stories to the Highlights section which will remain on the top of your profile.

We can say that Instagram story is a great choice to make a connection with the audience. The majority of users like to view stories as compared to posts as they appear on the top of your Instagram feed.

In order to post an Instagram story you need to simply swap the right on your Instagram Home page. You can take a picture from the camera roll or you can also select any image or video from the gallery.

There are many options available in the Instagram story section to edit or customize your story. First of all, you will see an Aa icon which is used to add text to your stories. You can use it to add text with multiple font styles, color or you can even change the background of your text.

Secondly, you will see a smile icon, on choosing it you’ll find a number of options including Location, Mention, Question, Poll, Link and so on you can use it as you want it to be. At the last, there is another editing option just next to the smile icon, you can use it to add filters and effects to your images and videos.

Create Your First Instagram Reel

The Instagram reel is a short-structure video like TikTok videos. They help to engage a large audience and bring a number of followers to your Instagram.

To make an Instagram reel, you’ll choose the third choice starting from the drop. In the event that you have previously made your 90-second or less video, you can choose it from your gallery to upload.

If you extend all the customization choices on the left sidebar, you’ll see the capacity to add or change the video’s sound, length, speed, or layout. Additionally, you have the option of adding a timer before recording or swiping between filters and effects as you go.

Whenever you’ve recorded or imported your video from your camera roll, you can add stickers, or text same as in your Instagram stories. When you finish customizing your reel you can upload it by selecting the share option.

Create Your First Instagram Live Video

The last choice is to go live on Instagram. This makes a live video broadcast on your Instagram account that your followers can join and watch. They can likewise leave comments, offering you an extraordinary chance to connect with your audience continuously.

To make a live video, you’ll tap the fourth choice in the drop-down. At the top point of your screen, you’ll get to perceive the number of your supporters are at present dynamic so you can check regardless of whether it’s a great opportunity to go live.

You can make a title for your live video and connection to a pledge drive in the event that you’re collaborating with a charity. Tap the audience button to pick between going live before your crowd or making a training broadcast.

How to Post on Instagram: 4 Simple Steps

Or on the other hand, you can decide to plan your live video for a later date, yet at the same time tell your crowd when they can anticipate that you should go live.


How do I add a location while posting on Instagram post? 

You can add a location just before uploading your post to Instagram. There is an option for Add Location just below the Tag People option in the post section.

Can I tag other users in my Instagram posts?

You can tag one or more people on your Instagram Post, by clicking the Tag People option in the post section. You can add people before sharing your post.

Can I upload multiple photos in one post on Instagram?

Yes, you can add multiple photos to your Instagram Post, just select the photos to want to upload and share it.


In this guide, we have a discussion on how to post on Instagram. You can follow the above-mentioned steps one by one to know each and everything about posting on Instagram.

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