How to crop a Screenshot on Mac

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Screenshot on Mac is a very useful feature, but it’s a bit complicated if you’re trying to crop the screenshot. If you want to crop a screenshot on your Mac, then you can use a number of methods. You can follow anyone that works for you.

Using inbuilt features

In these methods, you don’t need to install any external software It comes pre-installed with Mac OS X, so you don’t need to download anything.

You simply need to follow the following methods:

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1. Crop a Screenshot via Preview

The first method is by using your Mac’s very own Preview app. It’s easy to use and comes pre-installed on every Mac, so you don’t even have to install anything!

To take a screenshot in Mac using Preview, follow these steps:

1. Open the file in Preview.

2. Hit Command + Shift + 4 on your keyboard. This will put a crosshair cursor on your screen.

3. Now click and drag the crosshair cursor over the screen area you want to capture, then release it when you have selected everything you want to be caught in your screenshot.

4. You will now see a pop-up window asking if you want to save the screenshot as an image or PDF file. Select either one and hit Save or Open depending on what option you chose above, then enter a file name for it and hit Save or Open again depending on what option you chose above once more. You now have your screenshot saved!

2. Crop a Screenshot via Grab

Grab is another application that you can use to take screenshots on your Mac

It’s a simple and lightweight program, but it has all the basic functions that you need. 

It’s built into the system and doesn’t require any installation.

You can use it to take screenshots of the entire screen or just a portion of it. 

It also allows you to capture images from video files, which is useful for capturing video clips from streaming sites like YouTube or Hulu.

Here are the steps to crop a screenshot using Grab:

 1. Launch Grab

To make use of this app, you first need to know how to open it.

To launch Grab, go to Applications > Utilities and double-click on the Grab icon.

2. Take a Screenshot of Your Entire Screen

To take a screenshot of your entire screen, click on the Grab menu at the top left corner of your screen and select Window > Take Screen Shot from the dropdown menu. If you don’t see this option, make sure that you have selected “New Window” in Step 1 above.

3. Crop Your Screenshot

Click on the Crop button located in the toolbar at the top of your screen and then click on one of the handles on either side of your image to adjust its size and position. Click Apply when you’re done (or press Enter).

3. Taking a Screenshot via TouchPad

You may also use your TouchPad to take screenshots. This, however, is only applicable to newer versions of the MacBook Pro.

 If you’re running a Mac that’s newer than 2010, you can use your TouchPad to take a screenshot. This is only applicable to MacBook Pros that have a built-in TouchPad

Here’s how it works:

To take a screenshot using your TouchPad:

1. Place two fingers on the TouchPad and swipe down like you would if you were going to scroll down a webpage or list. You can also use three fingers instead of two but this will be less accurate and may not work depending on how many apps are open on your screen at one time.

2. When you’ve swiped down far enough, your screen will flash white briefly and an image preview will appear in Photos. Open up Photos then click on the Screenshot folder within Photos’ sidebar (or use Finder > Go > Home > Pictures > Screenshots).

How to crop a screenshot on Mac via keyboard combinations?

There are several ways to crop a screenshot on Mac. The easiest way is to use the built-in keyboard shortcuts. However, if you prefer a more advanced tool, there are many options available that can help you get the job done.

How to crop a screenshot on Mac with keyboard combinations?

If you don’t have any third-party tools installed, here’s how to crop a screenshot using keyboard combinations:

1. Use the command + shift + 4 to crop a section of your screen.

2. Use the command + shift + 4, press the space key, and then click a window on the desktop to crop a particular window.

3. Use the Command + Ctrl + Shift + 3 keys to copy an entire screen and paste it into a Paint program or other image editor.

4. Use the Command + Ctrl + Shift + 4 keys to drag your mouse over an area of the screen to make a custom cropping selection and copy it.

5. Use the Command + Ctrl + Shift + 4, press the Space key, and then click a window on the desktop to save its screenshot.

Follow these steps to crop a screenshot on a Mac computer.


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