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How to Create YouTube Shorts: An Ultimate Guide

YouTube Shorts are vertical, short video clips that are made on mobile devices and posted straight to the site using the YouTube app. By applying the built-in creative tools on YouTube you can create YouTube Shorts, and you may record, edit, and include music from well-known labels. To build your Shorts, put together many 15-second video clips, add animated text, and regulate the flow of your film.

While watching your Shorts, viewers have the option to subscribe to your channel, like, comment, or share the video. In contrast to other short-form media applications like Instagram Stories and Snapchat, the footage doesn’t vanish and is still accessible on YouTube.

How to Create YouTube Shorts on Mobile

As we know YouTube Shorts are like short videos uploaded on YouTube and watched by people all over the world. There are plenty of people world around that are making money by uploading YouTube Shorts. If you are not familiar with how to create YouTube Shorts don’t worry we are here to guide you on how to create and upload YouTube Shorts by following some simple steps.

Step I: Download the YouTube to Create YouTube Shorts

YouTube shorts could only be uploaded on the official YouTube Application because the feature of shorts is introduced by YouTube.  In order to gain access to the YouTube application you can follow some steps:

  • Move to the Google Play Store or Apple Store to download the Official YouTube application.
  • Log in to YouTube using your Google Login or you can also use your YouTube Login.

Step II: Begin to Create Your YouTube Shorts

  • First of all, click the + icon located at the bottom of the YouTube home page.
  • From this menu select Create a Short option.
  • Tap the red record button down or tap it once to start recording for 15 seconds, then once more to stop.
  • Tap the number 15 above the record button to set the duration of the video to 60 seconds in order to record a whole 60-second clip.
  • If you want to add effects and other elements to your video, you can use the toolbar present on the right side of your mobile screen.
  • You need to tap the arrow to switch your camera to the previous section.
  • Here you can speed up or down to make YouTube short slow or fast.
  • You can add filters or effects to your shorts by clicking the three-circle icons
  • Add modifying to your video by tapping the magic wand
  • Tap the person icon to change around your experience and add a green screen or photograph from your cell phone’s library
  • Tap the ghost icon to assist with adjusting your changes between video cuts
  • To add sound to your Short, tap the Add sound option at the top point of the screen. Note that you can add a soundtrack to your Short before you begin recording or a while later in the editing session.

If you made any mistake, just click the reverse arrow option to make it undo.

How to Create YouTube Shorts: An Ultimate Guide

Step III: Edit and Upload your YouTube Shorts

  • When you’ve completed the process of recording, tap the mark of approval to save your Short.
  • Then, finalize your Short by adding music, text, filter, or effects.
  • If you want to do more editing of the shorts, tap the timeline icon to change when the text shows up on the video timeline.
  • Whenever you are done editing, tap Next in the upper right corner
  • Choose whether you want your video to be open to everyone (Public) unlisted, or private after adding the finer details.
  • Select whether your video is suitable for youngsters or necessities an age limitation
  • Tap Upload Short to share your video

How Can I Monetize YouTube Shorts?

How to Create YouTube Shorts: An Ultimate Guide

You could be asking yourself, how can I monetize YouTube Shorts? whether you’re a business owner or content producer. After all, a lot of corporations and creators use YouTube to generate additional cash. This is due to the fact that, as of now, only YouTube gives creators a revenue-sharing model.

Although it wasn’t always like this, there’s good news. Beginning in early 2023, Shorts makers can be accepted into the Member Program and start receiving YouTube ad money.

To be eligible to join the Partnership Program, shorts makers must have received at least ten million viewers in the past 90 days. Once accepted into the program, creators will receive 45% of all video advertising revenue.

You should concentrate your efforts on YouTube for short-form videos because of the Partner Program. If you can grow a following on the platform, you may make an infinite amount of money.

What are the Benefits of Creating YouTube Shorts?

YouTube Shorts have opened up better approaches to getting creative, and it couldn’t be easier to start. In case you are not yet ready, there are many potential reasons why should you start to create YouTube Shorts.

Target a wider audience

The YouTube application’s homepage features a special space for YouTube Shorts, allowing it to be simpler for users to find your work. You may reach a larger audience and draw additional viewers to your YouTube channel by producing Shorts.

Increase your audience engagement 

It can be done by utilizing short-form videos, as more viewers will stick with them. Additionally, individuals are more probable to click the “Like” button or leave a comment if they enjoy what they see. Why wouldn’t you wish to take advantage of YouTube Shorts’ increased engagement?

Give your content an opportunity to go viral

YouTube rewards videos with a space on the special Shorts tab for swiftly accumulating views, likes, and opinions. If your video is shown there, a broader audience will be exposed to your content.

Display your creativity

There are many alternatives for making content while on the path with YouTube Shorts, which are very different from creating long videos. Use an app on your cell phone to experiment with various reporting strategies, effects, and themes.


How do I upload YouTube Shorts from my mobile device?

You can easily upload YouTube short from your mobile phone by clicking the + icon at the bottom of the YouTube Home Page. Just Tab it and choose Create a Short.

Can I Only Create YouTube Shorts on My Mobile Phone?

No, you can also create and upload YouTube Shorts on your PC, but keep in mind to create it in a vertical order or under 60 seconds.

What is the time duration for a YouTube Short?

The exact time duration for YouTube Shorts is 15 seconds, but you can maximize it to 60 seconds by tapping on the screen for more.


In this article, we provide you with some simple steps on how to create YouTube shorts. You can make YouTube Shorts or upload them very easily by following the above guide. We tried our best to let you know all about YouTube Shorts. Now it’s your turn to create your YouTube Shorts and start making money out of it.

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