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How to Create Account on Threads

We are here to help you How to Create Account on Threads. Just follow the guide and learn much about threads create account. 

What Is Thread and How to Create Account on Threads?

Threads, the new Twitter alternative to Meta, is off to a terrific start. Threads became the first social media app to reach 100 million users in just five days of its original introduction, becoming the first to do it.

Considering how popular Threads has become, it makes sense that people without an account are rushing to create one. The one limitation is that you cannot register for a Threads account like you can on Twitter, Facebook, or TikTok. As a result, you cannot create a new account on the Threads app or website.

In addition, you need an Instagram account to sign up for Threads, above all you must log in to the Threads app with your Instagram account, in order finish setting up your profile.

Thread Create Account

Threads Create Account

Here is a step by step guide to help users how to Create Account on Threads

Step I: Download Threads meta
  • Pakistani users must first download the Threads app from the Google Play Store for Android users or the App Store for iPhone users.
  •  Install the app by simply performing a search for “Threads” on your smartphone.
Step II: Threads login or Signup
  • After installation, just click the app icon to start Threads. The “Login/Signin with Instagram” option is located at the bottom of the screen.
  • You will be taken to your Instagram account, where you are now logged in, by tapping on this icon.
  • Choose “Log in with Instagram” and enter your Instagram login information if you aren’t already connected to the Instagram app.
  • The Threads app will launch automatically after logging in.

Select “Switch accounts” to sign in with a different Instagram account, if you have more than one account on Instagram. If the Instagram account you want to access is not visible, click “Login to another Instagram account” and fill out the required information.

Threads login
Step III: Set Up Your Threads Profile

You can customize your Threads profile after successfully logging in with your Instagram account by:

  • The icon next to “Name” must be tapped in order to add a profile image. Select the picture-uploading method of your choice.
  • Writing a Bio: Select “Bio” from the drop-down menu to enter a customized bio to add to your Threads profile. By selecting “Import bio from Instagram,” you can either add a new bio or export your current Instagram bio. 
  • Click “Done” in the top right corner to save your bio. 
  • Links can be added by tapping “Link” in your Threads profile. By selecting “Import link from Instagram,” you can either enter the link’s URL and title or import it directly from your Instagram account. By selecting “Done” in the top right corner, you can save the link.
  •  Look through the “Following” section to find profiles you may want to follow. TTO follow a profile, click the “Follow” button next to it.
  •  In order to speed up the procedure, tap “Import from Instagram” at the bottom to import every information mentioned above from your Instagram profile.
Step IV: Create your Threads Profile 
  • Tap “Continue” at the bottom of the page once you’ve made any necessary changes to your Threads profile. Tap “Continue” again after choosing whether you’d like to set up a public or private profile.
  • Once you have carefully read the terms and conditions provided, finally “Create profile” at the bottom.

Thread Account Privacy

Tips for Using Threads

Twitter and Threads are fairly similar. Some users on the network have made jokes about how Mark Zuckerberg just copied and pasted the app due to the obvious similarities. Twitter and Threads operate differently, though. ‘

After creating your Threads account and being ready to send your first message, follow these steps to get started.

How Can I Create a Thread Post

Follow these steps to create a Threads post:

  • To access the thread creation screen from anywhere in the Threads app, just hit the Create icon in the bottom center of your screen.
  • Enter text in the text box to begin. Simply tap Add to Thread to add a new text block if your text cannot fit in the text box. 
  • To choose who can reply to your threads, tap on Anyone can comment in the bottom left corner of the thread creation page. You can choose to just allow answers from people you follow or mention, or you can keep it open to everyone, which is the default.
  • For your post to be published, click Post at the bottom right corner.

How to Create Account on Threads

Things Need to Know About Threads Meta

  • Any changes you make to your profile photo, bio, or links on Threads won’t have an impact on your Instagram data.
  • The accounts you follow or the individuals who follow you on Threads have no bearing on your Instagram followers or those who follow you there.
  • You may always update your Threads profile. To modify your username or other personal information, you must manually edit your Instagram profile.
  • You can only modify your Instagram profile image if your account is confirmed. Your confirmed status on Threads will be indicated by a verification badge on your profile.


Can I Delete my Threads account?

If you want to delete your threads account, furthermore your Instagram account will also be deleted. You must read the Privacy Policy of Thread before creating account on Threads. 

What happens if your Threads account is deleted?

Your Instagram account will likewise become deleted if your Threads account is delete. Your account can be deactivated now that the two have been joined. As a result, it will keep you in Meta’s system in case you decide to reactivate threads account in the future.

How can I reactivate my Threads account? 

Install the app (if you have previously uninstalled it), sign in with the Instagram account you had previously used, and your Threads Account will be instantly active.

How can I change my thread Username? 

There is currently not additional option to modify your Threads username or profile photo on the app itself. You must change your Instagram username and profile picture in order to make the same change on Threads. as your Thread profile and Instagram account are linked.


In this article, we discuss about How to Create Account on Threads. We provide a step by step guide to let people know how they can easily create thread account. Just follow the above mention steps and enjoy using thread meta on your smartphones. 

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