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How To Create a Facebook Account Brief Guide

If you want to join one of the most popular and outstanding social media sites Facebook, you only need to create an account on it. How To Create a Facebook Account Brief Guide.But if you are not aware of the procedure don’t worry we are here to guide you in the easiest way how to create a new Facebook account in a few simple steps

Create a Facebook account on a Mobile or PC

  • Open on your Mobile or PC, and you will see the statement “Open an account”.
  • It is free to create a Facebook account, now you need to fill out your data including your name, last name, email address, contact no, date of birth, gender, your password for the Facebook account, and then click Create an Account
  • Now you need to fill in the given captcha and also accept all the Facebook Terms and Conditions.
  • Now you need to go to your inbox and check for an email confirmation link, click it, and confirm your Facebook account that’s it.
  • You can now search for your friends and add them to your friend list.
  • Upload your profile picture and set your profile policy as who can see your profile, who can message you, or who can send friend requests to you.
  • Now have to fill your profile with the required information as your full name, your school, college, or university, or other basic bio information.
  • To access all Facebook options, you must first confirm that you are a human by SMS-verifying your profile.
  • If you haven’t added a phone number yet, you must do so now. Just go to settings, privacy, verify my account, and click “Send me a message.” In a few seconds, you’ll get a notification with a code; type it in, and your profile is ready to be verified to use Facebook services, post photos, videos, status updates, and interact with friends.

How to Sign Up Facebook on the Desktop?

You can Sign Up for Facebook on the desktop by following the step-by-step guide here:

  • Open the Facebook Sign Up page on your desktop using any Web browser you want.
  • Now on the right side of the page click the Sign Up option and fill out the data as your name, email address, password, and date of birth, and click the green SignUp button.
  • Now you need to fill your personal profile with the information, including your school, college, or university, you can also enter your specialties, skills, or Job information.
  • You can also upload your profile picture by clicking the “Upload a Photo”
  • Confirm your Facebook account by clicking the account confirmation link in your email.

Create a Facebook Account Using Your Gmail Account

The first step is to type into your browser’s URL bar. This website gives you the option to create an account on its welcome page. Below this heading, a form opens on which you must fill out your name, last name, email in this case, the one associated with the Google account, the password for your Facebook account, date of birth, and gender.

Then we’ll take a sequence of steps.

  • In the very first step, you should be able to browse through all of your Gmail contacts who have a Facebook account.
  • By using this option you can add new friends to your Facebook account.
  • In the second step, you will be required to enter personal data about you and your life in step two.
  • And for step three, all you need to do is upload a profile picture so that everyone on Facebook can recognize you.
  • And in this manner, you create a Facebook account using your Google account.
Sign In or Login to your Facebook Account

We are going to tell you to have to sign in and log in to your Facebook account so that you can upload pictures or statuses and do chat with your friends using Facebook Messenger. How To Create a Facebook Account Brief Guide

Here are some simple steps to Sign Up or Login Into your Facebook account:

  • Open on your mobile phone, PC, or Desktop, and write your email address that is connected to your Facebook account.
  • If you don’t have any Facebook account you can Sign Up for it by clicking the Sign Up to Facebook account given on the same page.
  • Similarly, after entering your email or phone no, now you need to enter your password.
  • Now click the login button given below and start using your Facebook account.
  • In any case, if you forget your password you can simply click the Forget password option and with a few simple steps change your password.
  • Keep in mind to set Two Factor Authentication so that you are aware of any unauthorized access to your account or your account remains secure.


What information is needed to provide when creating a Facebook account?

When you start creating your Facebook account, you need to provide your name, gender, date of birth contact no, or email address.

Can I use my phone number instead of an email address to create a Facebook account?

Yes, of course, you can use your phone no when creating your Facebook account instead of your email address.

Can I create a Facebook account for my business or organization?

Yes, users can create a Facebook page business page to promote their business, product, or organization on this famous platform.


In this article, we have a brief talk on how to create a Facebook account, Facebook Login, or Sign Up. How To Create a Facebook Account Brief Guide.You can also download Facebook from the Google Play store on your Mobile Phone or login into your Facebook account by entering your username or password. I hope the article helps you a lot in your journey of creating a Facebook account.

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