How much price of the electric car available in Pakistan?

Islamabad: Electric vehicles in Pakistan will cost 55 to 60 lakhs while the good oil-driven vehicles fall between 32 and 40 lakhs.

According to the Senate Functional Committee on Human Rights, a climate change monitoring agency, 43 percent of pollution in Pakistan is due to the Department of Transportation (Transport).

The committee was told that despite imposing a tax on the import of electric vehicles, these vehicles are expensive. Prices may be lower if sales tax and regulatory duty are eliminated.

The Senate Committee has been informed that 60 percent of the vehicles used for transport in Pakistan are electric as the electric vehicle will save 25 to 26,000 liters of fuel in two lakh kilometers.

In order to increase the number of electric vehicles in Pakistan, the sales tax and duty on them are being considered to be 1 percent instead of 17.

Authorities say there are no charging stations for electric vehicles in Pakistan. These stations will also have to introduce a system for power supply and generate alternate sources of power supply. Solar and hydropower projects will have to be created to generate electricity in Pakistan.

Chairman committee Mustafa Nawaz Khokhar said that the use of low-quality oil in vehicles is increasing pollution. Pakistan ranks fifth in the country affected by environmental pollution. Environmental pollution in Pakistan causes an estimated 288,000 deaths annually

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