How many people have been tested for Corona virus across the country so far, and which province has done the most tests?

LAHORE : The number of people infected with the corona virus is increasing with every passing day across the country and as a result, the death toll is increasing, causing a wave of anxiety across the country.

Yes, the government is conducting tests for corona virus patients, but the government is also advising people that not everyone needs to get tested because if they do, test kits will be reduced. So far, a total of 14,658 people have been tested.

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Most tests have been done in Sindh province where 6,358 people have been tested so far. City were in 2500 in Punjab, Khyber KP 1334, in Balochistan 1825, Islam in 177, test 880 people in Gilgit in 1395, Azad Kashmir in Pakistan .tahal the 1914 positive people tested, while 26 people were killed.

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