How many patients have been tested in Balochistan and how many have recovered so far? Details have come out

Quetta : Chief Secretary Balochistan says more than 188 visitors have been tested, there are 158 cases of Corona virus in the province and 19 patients have recovered.

According to the details, Chief Secretary Balochistan Fazil Asghar says 158 cases of Corona virus have been reported in Balochistan, more than 18 hundred visitors have been tested, 19 patients have recovered.

Chief Secretary said that he was suffering from heart disease. One woman’s condition is worrisome, 8 people are at home in isolation. Relief packages are underway in the province. 

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Provinces will also participate in the BAESP. The NDMA has received considerable supplies. The Chief Secretary said that it is hoped that the citizens will not allow the virus to spread by following the instructions, some people refuse to have picnics and concerts, hopefully next. More patients will recover this week.

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