How many more people have been diagnosed with corona virus in Sindh?

KARACHI : Provincial Health Sindh Dr Azra Fazal Pichoho said 61 more Corona cases have been reported across the province following which the number of Corona virus affected people has increased to 627 in the province.

According to private TV, provincial health minister Dr Azra Pachoho has confirmed that 61 more people have been diagnosed with corona virus across the province, followed by 627 cases of corona virus infected in the province. So far 41 corona affected people have recovered in Sindh.

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After confirming 45 new cases in Karachi, the number has been increased to 294. In Hyderabad, 14 new cases have been reported, followed by Corona patients in 57 districts. Corona victims have been kept in quarantine with full arrangements after the new case report was reported in Hyderabad.

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