How many millions are feared killed in the United States by the Corona virus? Donald Trump shook the world with worry

WASHINGTON (US) – President Donald Trump feared the death of one to two million people in the country because of Corona.

According to foreign media, US President Donald Trump has said that if the deaths were stopped this way, it would be a great success. He added that the Corona virus would lead to depression and economic recession, which would also increase the trend of suicide.

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US President Donald Trump has raised the date from April 12 to April 30 on the issue of opening a lockdown, and warned that in two weeks Corona’s epidemic may touch the limits. He announced that The measures to control the outbreak will continue until April 30.┬áIn the world, most of the corona virus patients are in the United States. On the other hand, according to Anthony Fauci, US President’s Advisor for the Prevention of the Corona Virus, there may be up to two million deaths in the United States from Cody nineteen.

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