How is the Corona virus being tested in the UAE now? Don’t be surprised to see you too

Dubai : The first campaign to test the corona virus has been launched in the United Arab Emirates on Saturday, in which you will be surprised to know that people are being tested in such a way.

According to the website ‘Read’, the campaign is being stopped and tested on the roads while people are traveling on the campaign.

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 Citizens do not need to go to a specific hospital for this. For this purpose a ‘Drive Throw Testing Facility’ has been developed.

The facility is jointly established by the Department of Health Abu Dhabi and The Abu Dhabi Health Services Company, which can test up to 600 people daily. 

The testing unit was inaugurated by Prince Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed of Abu Dhabi and he conducted his test through this unit.

 According to a statement issued by the Department of Health, this unit can test the citizens of UAE and all foreigners.

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