How does Tik Tok US sell to Google?

Will young Americans go to the Bytes Los Angeles office to present flowers to Tik Tok tomorrow?

  Write something about historical moments.

  Clash of Civilizations

  When ByteDance’s organizational structure was adjusted in March, I wrote at the end that this is a path few people take. When the Sino-Indian border conflict occurred in mid-June, I said that Bytedance had surpassed the scope of commercial companies and became a slice of the great era. Unexpectedly, it became a truth.

  After India banned TikTok at the end of June, the White House continued to accept media interviews and pressure, hoping that TikTok could change ownership and become an American company. If you can’t beat it, it’s obvious. Bytedance, a technology company, is getting involved in the “clash of civilizations” between different countries in the world.

  In 2015, Zhang Yiming said that “only one fifth of the Internet users in the world are in China.” Today, Bytedance is almost the most successful Chinese Internet company in globalization.

  But because the “clash of civilizations” cannot emphasize China, I searched for a global headquarters for TikTok last year. The data is stored locally, the content is further localized, the local product version is designed, the data rights of Chinese employees to overseas products are reduced, and the team composition continues to be local.化, etc.

  A little bit different from Google’s withdrawal from China in the past is that Bytedance’s desire to survive is extremely strong, and everything that can be done is done in accordance with the US government and laws.

  But on this road with few people walking, it is only because TikTok is Made in China, and as a result, it is necessary to transfer control of the company and products.

  In one’s life, one should not only consider self-struggle, but also the historical process.

  Make History

How does Tik Tok US sell to Google?

This picture was taken at TikTok’s Shibuya office in Tokyo in June 2018. At that time, TT shared an office with others in Japan, and there were less than 10 employees.

  When meeting with TikTok classmates, at that time they couldn’t clearly explain what they were.

  I suggest they change their expression to overseas users in the future:



  TikTok=Short video

  TikTok is a generational revolution in the field of social media. Humans prefer video, especially when this product makes it easy for ordinary people to use, create and get attention.

  Unfortunately, TikTok is not yet a real social network.

  At that time, TikTok’s rapid progress overseas was due to its extremely aggressive launch on Facebook. However, because the initial scale effect of the bilateral network of content creators and consumers has not yet risen, TT retention is too low, Facebook feels that it has money and does not make a bastard, and TikTok is not regarded as a threat at all.

  The rise of short videos in 2019 has made Xiao Zha fully aware of the fierce competition from Chinese companies in overseas markets. Short videos have a global language and are characterized by virality. The competition is for the duration of young users.

  Facebook has just begun to officially regard tiktok as a competitor. If he couldn’t do Tiktok, Xiao Zha began to bring geopolitical confrontation and Washington lawmakers in to form an alliance to defeat him.

  TikTok was initially tied to political operations, and the loudest voice in the early days came from Zuckerberg.

  Two Sets of Values

How does Tik Tok US sell to Google?

From 2010 to 2017, Zuckerberg’s interest in China is obvious.

  In order to enter the Chinese market, Zuckerberg, who married a wife of Chinese origin, appeared on social networks as a Chinese son-in-law. He listed his annual goal for a certain year as being able to learn Chinese. Greatly named her own girl.

  But in the second half of 2017, Facebook’s photo-sharing software “Colorful Balloon” launched in China was quickly taken offline. This was the last publicly reported attempt by Facebook to enter China. After entering the Chinese market hopelessly, Xiao Zha stopped showing his Chinese in public to express his closeness to China.

  Since 2018, Zuckerberg has been in a whirlpool because of Facebook’s data and privacy issues. In 2019, Tiktok became a new force in the world, especially among young users. Zuckerberg began to demonize Tiktok from China and threaten Facebook, and developed products that copied Tiktok in Brazil and Mexico.

How does Tik Tok US sell to Google?

After the failure, he immediately took a bite in the U.S. Congress, “Do you want to sanction Facebook to leave the market to Chinese companies?” There is no burden to plagiarize tiktok.

  After the Indian government banned and Tiktok took the initiative to go offline, short video vacancies appeared in the Indian market, and Facebook took the opportunity to seize the opportunity to let Instagram test the Reels function in India to replace it. In this month, the Reels function will be launched globally.

This week, the four US technology giants were monopolized by Congress in a collective questioning. When answering “whether China steals technology from US technology companies”, Zuckerberg’s statement was obviously different from others. 

The Jewish businessman’s attacking attitude towards China (the company) never stopped after he realized the risk of being challenged. He even took the initiative to sacrifice the banners of threatening national security and protecting the civilized world.

Regarding China’s attitude, you can actually compare Xiao Zha with the attitudes of the other three CEOs, and you can find that Xiao Zha is the most obvious double-faced person. Bezos has never been to China from the beginning to the end. Cook has always been in China because of the supply chain and consumers.

Google has been working hard to pursue a set of values, because the values ​​have withdrawn from China and because the values ​​have shelved the Dragonfly project to return to China. Only Zuckerberg has always had two sets of values. 

According to rumours, during the recent period of Zuckerberg’s relationship with China, Facebook once cooperated with an office to do related content review work in its US market.

Facebook May Not Lie to Win

How does Tik Tok US sell to Google?

The obvious result today is that bytedance gave up control of TikTok’s US business, and Facebook was the biggest winner. Instagram Reels will take over influencers and Gen Z.

  But the first thing I remembered was that Google withdrew from China. I don’t know. Tomorrow, young Americans will go to the Bytes Los Angeles office to offer flowers to Tik Tok?

  Recalling that year, Zuckerberg likes to say that Facebook and MySpace are the difference between Silicon Valley companies and Los Angeles companies. Silicon Valley’s victory over Los Angeles is a natural justice. But this time, when Tik Tok gathered in Los Angeles, Silicon Valley’s Facebook was extremely shameless. Although it can be said to be in business, but in the first two years of Facebook’s battle with Tik Tok, in a fair market competition environment, Facebook has already lost the battle.

  What I want to say is that if Google does not withdraw from China, it is possible that Baidu is still in the first camp today, and having Google as a powerful opponent stimulates Baidu to become complacent and arrogant and lose so quickly.

  Today, Facebook is relying on the US government to contain Tik Tok, rather than relying on its own product strength. The market legitimacy has been lost. In addition, this will make more people discover that the dominance of American Internet companies is not strong on a global scale, and it is not ruled out that some countries may start to ask Facebook to follow the rules after seeing the demonstration effect of the lighthouse state.

  And I wrote last year that Bytedance is actually the most Facebook-like company in China. Bytedance has largely borrowed from Facebook in its information flow business, user growth and recommendation algorithm. Facebook’s accusation that Tik Tok endangers the privacy of young people and affects the young people’s attitudes also exists in him. This question should be passed on to Facebook.

How does Tik Tok US sell to Google?

  Based on the assumption that the enemy’s enemy can be a friend, in order to combat Facebook from the frontal battlefield, what about Tik Tok America’s selling to Google?

  Tik Tok has just signed a $800 million large order with Google Cloud, and is the number one customer of Google Cloud. From the perspective of existing strategic cooperation, from the perspective of consistent values, and from the perspective of common enemies, may the two companies have more common language?

  User interest and behavior are the biggest factors affecting Facebook’s destiny. Because Tik Tok is so powerful, FB’s user engagement is definitely threatened, especially the younger generation. Facebook’s revenue is almost entirely dependent on mobile advertising products, Byte’s business model is exactly the same as his, and Tik Tok’s revenue in the United States has just begun to take off.

  Looking at the report, it doesn’t seem to say that Microsoft must take over TT.

In fact, I hope that the company other than Microsoft that may acquire Tik Tok is Google. Since the result of being forced to sell cannot be changed, I think Google is the best choice right now, for the US government and Tik Tok to catch up with Facebook.

  If Google acquires Tik Tok’s US business, it will be as meaningful as Facebook’s acquisition of Instagram. Tik Tok products are leading, Google has the financial resources and technology, Tik Tok only needs to continue to make breakthroughs on the advantages of attracting the attention of Generation Z.

  Moreover, Google’s values ​​are more reliable than Facebook, and it will ensure the safety and reliability of data, without the fear of sending it to other countries. Google also has YouTube’s ready-made medium and long video content ecosystem and Google’s largest search volume and huge advertiser base in the digital world, which can further accelerate the development of Tik Tok.

  This will be the most violent frontal battlefield attack on Facebook.

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