How Did Trump Fail the Big Test of Life?

US President Donald Trump was aware of the threat of the Coronavirus, but his lack of leadership has left the country in a dangerous health emergency.

Reviewing how President Trump failed in the biggest test of his life, the Guardian said in a report that when the history of the global outbreak of the Coronavirus would be written, it would be January 20, 2020. Will be of paramount importance.

It was the day when a 35-year-old man who recently returned to Washington from the Chinese city of Wuhan became the first man to be declared a Krona-positive in the United States. On the same day, the first affected patient of Covid 19 was confirmed in South Korea, an Asian country 5km from the United States. It was common for both countries to have Corona, but after that, the similarities ended.

During the next two months of the first patients being diagnosed, there was a difference of land and sky between the United States and South Korea in the face of the Corona epidemic and the ever-shocking manner.

One of the two countries – South Korea – began to detect and isolate the virus in a fast and aggressive manner, while the other, the United States, suffered delays, chaos, and confusion due to its leader’s insecurity, and now faces a dangerous health emergency. doing.

Within a week of the first case being diagnosed, South Korea assembled 20 private companies and instructed them to conduct a diagnostic test of the Coronavirus progressively, and within a week of its preparation and approval. In the process, the work of diagnosing and placing the virus affected people in Quarantine began rapidly.

After that more than three and a half million tests took place, and South Korea almost won the war against the Coronavirus, which can be estimated as only 91 new cases were reported on Friday, March 27 in a country with a population of 500 million. ۔

The American process in this regard presents a completely different story. After the first case was diagnosed, Donald Trump comes to the air on TV in Washington and says we have complete control of it. There is only one person who also returned from China. Everything will be fine. Today, there are more than one million Corona patients in the United States and more than 230 deaths.

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