How did China take steps to reduce mortality and how can Corona patients be saved or rescued in Pakistan?

KARACHI (Seekhlo Pakistan Online) Chairman NIBD Karachi Dr Tahir Shamsi has said that vaccine is not available for the Krona virus. Newly releases any virus that has saved a human being.

Speaking to a private news channel Geo News program, he said that when a virus has not been vaccinated, there is another way. And the infected patient is given fresh plasma, and antibodies that cause it are neutralized by the virus. According to plasma plasma, antibodies neutralize the virus that invades any part of the body, this method is called money immunization. Sixty-four percent of the patients recovered and the death toll was lower in China

Dr. Tahir Shamsi said that the method of money immunization for neutralizing various viruses and bacteria is hundreds of years old. If the government asked us to follow this method today, it would take us two weeks to prepare, we would have to collect plasma. After that, plasma will be started in patients who have severe Crohn’s virus.

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