How can hundreds of billions of dollars be spent? Gates: Do charity

NetEase Technology News on January 22, according to foreign media reports, Bill Gates (Bill Gates) is undoubtedly one of the richest people in the world, he believes that charity is the best way to spend its huge wealth.

Gates acknowledges that the benefits of having a lot of money are unquestionable and you can buy whatever you want. However, there are also many challenges to owning huge wealth, such as how to spend this money in a more meaningful way.

According to data compiled by Forbes Magazine, Gates’ current net worth is $ 110.6 billion. The Microsoft founder had occupied the position of “world’s richest man” for many years and donated tens of billions of dollars for charity.

Gates recently explained to Lakeside Middle School students why he thinks charity is the best way to spend money. Gates said the biggest question was: “Where can you spend your money?”

Gates joked with the students that money can be spent on food. But if you plan to spend more than $ 100 billion, how many burgers will you eat? Gates has admitted that burgers are his favorite food.

In addition to food, there are similar problems in terms of wearing. Gates asked: “You can pay to hire the most expensive custom tailor in the world. Even if you do, how many clothes can you wear?”

The third aspect is leaving wealth to children. Gates has three children, 17-year-old Phoebe, 20-year-old Rory, and 23-year-old Jennifer. But Gates doesn’t think so, saying that leaving the kids so much money “is not a good idea.”

Excluding these three items, the choice left to the billionaire is charity. Gates said he and his wife, Melinda, believe that charity is the only “logical result.” To this end, they have donated a large number of funds to charities in different countries around the world. Because they truly understand what they need to do everything in their power to help as global inequality continues to increase.

The Bills and Melinda Gates Foundation was founded by Gates as early as 2000. As of the fourth quarter of 2018, the foundation has donated $ 50.1 billion. Gates said he likes to work consistently on problems.

“We want to build an organization and manage it ourselves,” Gates said. “It has to do with our desire to work every day and think about very difficult issues. Melinda and I like to do it.”

Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos was the richest person in the world. However, he was taken the title of “World’s Richest Man” by Bernard Arnault, CEO of LVMH, a few days ago, which also reduced Gates’ ranking to third place.

In addition, there are reports that Gates has donated nearly $ 36 billion in personal wealth to charities. Therefore, we can assume that if he did not make a huge donation, he should still be the “richest man in the world”.

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