Hilarious! Sony releases “VISION-S” first prototype

Netease Technology News on January 7th, according to foreign media reports, Sony just showed one of the most unexpected products at this year’s International Consumer Electronics Show (CES): a car. This electric concept car called Sony Vision-S demonstrates the Japanese technology giant’s strengths in a number of different areas, including entertainment products, camera sensors and more.

The car is equipped with 33 different sensors (both inside and outside the car), multiple widescreen displays, 360-degree panoramic surround sound, and always-on internet connection, some of which are from industries such as BlackBerry and Bosch Vendor. Sony has proposed the concept of “Safety Cocoon”, which means that under various driving conditions, it can detect the surroundings of the vehicle through 360 degrees to help avoid risks in advance and provide support for safe driving.

Specifically, the technology is equipped with a CMOS image sensor, which can achieve high sensitivity, high definition, high dynamic range, and suppress LED flicker, and can accurately recognize objects even in environments that were difficult to detect in the past; with solid-state LiDAR ( Lidar) technology, which can accurately capture 3D images of real space through high-precision ranging; and multi-sensor fusion technology has the ability to fuse different performance sensors, even in harsh driving environments such as heavy fog, backlight, and night driving, Can also achieve early accurate identification; In addition, there is a time-of-flight (ToF) in-cabin sensing solution that uses ranging technology to detect and identify people and objects in the car, and the relevant information can be obtained through intuitive methods such as gesture control Optimize infotainment systems to increase safety and comfort in the car.

The prototype is also driven by a “newly designed electric vehicle platform.” Sony said the platform will also be able to support other types of cars, such as SUVs. It is understood that this platform seems to be designed by Canadian auto parts maker Magna.

The shape of the Sony Vision-S is reminiscent of the style of Porsche, especially the headlights. From the side, it is also a bit like Lucid Motors’ Air. Inside, the Sony Vision-S is equipped with a screen that spans the center console, and it also has two screens for rear-seat passengers.

According to Sony, Sony is advancing the “VISION-S” project in the field of mobile mobility, that is, the pursuit of a safe, reliable, comfortable and entertaining travel experience. The prototype vehicle combines Sony’s imaging and sensing technology and uses Sony’s AI, Telecom, and cloud technology to manage in-vehicle software to continuously update and optimize its functionality.

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