Hanta virus also comes after Corona virus in China, what is it?

BEIJING ; The world is currently in awe of the Corona virus, but another virus has taken over in China, known as the Hanta virus, the Hanta virus has killed a person in the Chinese province of Shen Dong.

While 32 people have been tested on suspicion of spreading the virus to the person whose reports are being awaited. The deceased patient traveled on the bus, after which all the passengers on the bus were screened, 32 passengers of the bus on which the deceased patient was also inspected, however reports did not come out. But not to worry, because it does not spread like the Corona virus.

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The CDC says that the Hanta virus, which belongs to the family, is found in rats or in cutaneous animals. The disease spreads through mice ‘waste, urine or saliva, when humans are very close to mice.

Hanta virus also comes after Corona virus in China, what is it?

The disease spreads through dirt. The Hanta virus is divided into two categories, the New World Hanta virus and the second Old World Huta virus. It causes lung damage and difficulty breathing, causing high fever, severe headaches. There can be pain, nausea, blurring of eyes, kidney failure. Various types of rats can cause this disease to humans, including cotton rat, dairy mice, Top rate and White futd mouse is included.

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