Han Hong announces donation list of friends to Wuhan

Recently, the epidemic raged in Wuhan, affecting the hearts and minds of people across the country. People from all walks of life across the country have shown their love to support materials and donations to Wuhan. Among them, the stars in the entertainment industry, as public figures, also take the lead in initiating donations. The China Siyuan Project Poverty Alleviation Foundation has announced the charitable acts of donations to Hubei by Huang Xiaoming’s baby couple, Zhang Yuqi, Tan Songyun, Cecilia Cheung and Ouyang Nana.

Among them, Teacher Han Hong, who has always been at the forefront of public welfare, also initiated charity. Recently, she posted that she has provided material support to several hospitals in Wuhan in batches. Among them, Teacher Han Hong also announced the list of celebrity friends’ donations to Wuhan. Hundreds of celebrities joined this devotion event, and Gan Wei’s re-listing was unexpected.

On the afternoon of January 26th, Han Hong updated Weibo and announced the donation list of celebrity friends, including Yi Xi Qianxi, Guo Xiaodong, Sun Yan, Chen Xiao Chen Yanxi and his wife, Guo Jingfei, Yuan Hong Zhang Yiyi, Tan Weiwei, Chen Xuedong, Wang Ou, Zhu Yan, Several 50 celebrities such as Huang Qishan, Jin Zhiwen, Yu Kewei, Chen He, Xiao Shenyang, and Qian Feng joined the action of supporting and supporting Wuhan. Stars, as public figures, can stand up and take the lead in this time. It is great love and social responsibility. It is amazing.

Among the list published by Teacher Han Hong, Gan Wei’s name was unexpectedly listed. As everyone knows, LeTV, founded by Gan Wei’s husband Jia Yueting, has faced huge shortages of funds and debts in the past two years. Jia Yueting was therefore listed as Lao Lai, and her wife, Gan Wei, has been pushed to the forefront several times. As of now, Jia Yueting’s debt problem has not been resolved, but Gan Wei still has the heart to donate in such a difficult environment, which is unexpected. They also gave her thumbs up.

Gan Wei was a film and television actress in the entertainment industry. At that time, Gan Wei was also a front-line hit. She was a good sister with Li Xiaolu, Ma Su, Xiong Naijin, Dong Xuan and others. She also formed a “Teddy Sisters Group”. Wei married LeTV President Jia Yueting, then faded into the entertainment industry and retreated behind the scenes, but since Jia Yueting got into a debt dispute, the two facilitated the announcement of a divorce last October.

After Gan Wei and Jia Yueting were married, he gave birth to his twin daughters, and a son. After the divorce, the three children have been raised by Gan Wei. In the past two years, Gan Wei has not returned to film and has no financial source, but However, Gan Wei often pays attention to charity. In addition to this donation to Wuhan, Gan Wei has already donated 50,000 once in a charity event initiated by Han Hong. In recent years, Gan Wei has also paid attention to some needs on the Internet. Help updates, often retweet likes, donate from time to time, promote love.

Gan Wei herself was plagued by debts, her family life was difficult, but she never thought that under these conditions, she could still invest in public charity. One yard at a time. This time the stars donated to Wuhan. Gan Wei was worth taking out. Be praised as an example.

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