Hackers are targeting hackers through CORONA maps, card details can be stolen

You search the Internet to see where CORONAVIRUS is spreading. Many organizations have created dashboards from where you can check them, but now it has to be cautious.

Due to the corona virus, in way health conditions are being created all over the world. But hackers are also using this to steal information like credit card details of users.

In fact, many organizations worldwide have created realtime maps or dashboards to keep track of the corona virus (COVID-19). Hackers are using this to steal your information.

Security researcher Shai Alfassi of Reason Labs has said that they have found that hackers are using such maps to steal information from others.

In this way, hackers can steal users’ private information such as – user names, passwords, credit card numbers and the history of the browser.

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This is not the first time that hackers are targeting users by resorting to the spreading virus. Earlier such examples have also been found. Generally, attackers create websites linked to Corona Wire and promise you real-time tracking.

The serious thing is that due to this kind of website, users do not need to download maps in their system. This direct shows you the outbreak map of COVID-19.

Attackers generate binary files with the help of maps created for the Corona virus and install it on your computer. According to a report by TNW, these websites look like real maps and corona virus tracking tools.

At the moment this kind of threat is for Windows computers. If you also want to see the map of corona virus outbreak, you can visit the website of the World Health Organization or the website of the government’s health department.

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