Government is responsible for the protection of doctors, nurses and paramedical staff working in hospitals, Dr Saeed Elahi has threatened the government

LAHORE: Pakistan Muslim League-N leader and former chairman Hilal Ahmar Pakistan Dr Saeed Elahi has threatened the government, saying the government is responsible for the protection of doctors, nurses and paramedical staff working in hospitals.

But the government has failed to fulfill its responsibility. Now if a doctor or medical staff is killed as a result of the corona virus, the murder of the FIR Chief Minister and Minister of Health Will be filed against.

According to details in his video message on social media, Dr Saeed Elahi said that the medical staff is responsible for the protection of doctors, nurses, para-medical staff and medical staff working in hospitals which the government has not fulfilled.

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Despite repeated remarks from the past several days, medical personnel who were given protection suits and who had the right instruments were not given PPE which resulted in several doctors corona-positive while two senior professors, Islamabad and Peshawar.

I am in the ICU, in addition to the many nurses and doctors that have affected their lives The dangers are not worth it. Dr. Saeed Elahi said that when we applied to the government before, the government paid no attention to it, doctors repeatedly protested it but the result was zero.

“I want to make it clear today that we buried the doctors who were martyred by giving the Guard of Honor a martyr, but it is actually a murder because the doctors have no such equipment and equipment. Treating it is a murder and this killing is in no way unforgivable.

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He warns that in the coming days, if any doctors again suffer from government negligence, negligence, or lack of equipment, then God will call. If killed, it will be the responsibility of the government, let me make it clear that the provinces have health and ministers.

 Murder cases will be filed against the chief so that they understand how to protect the children, women and medical staff of the people.

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