Google Works with Security Mobile Companies to Filter Malicious apps From the Play Store

Google has partnership with mobile security companies ESET, and other best security companies  Lookout combat malicious Android apps that sneak into the Google Play app store. Google announced the partnership on Wednesday , and each company has confirmed its involvement in the newly formed Application Defense Alliance. Google said that through these collaborations, “blocking can be done before a bad application enters a user’s device.”

In recent years, Google has been working hard to combat malicious applications. Although the app needs to be checked for anti-malware before Google Plays, Google is still accused of not taking adequate defenses until the malicious app reaches the user’s device. Earlier this year , Google said that only 0.04% of all Android apps downloaded from Google Play were considered potentially harmful apps. This involves about 30 million applications.

However, this is still a persistent problem. In recent years, ESET, Lookout, and Zimperium have contributed to the discovery and combat of Google Play malicious applications. Although Google will remove suspicious and malicious apps from Google Play, users who have already installed the app on their phone will still be attacked. These apps are not automatically removed from the user device and continue to pose a risk to the user.

By combining Android’s built-in anti-malware engine “Google Play Protection” technology with the scanning engines of other partners, this collaboration will help to better filter malicious applications before users download. Google says knowledge sharing and industry collaboration are “very important” in response to the growing threat of mobile applications.

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