Google tests new share sheet for Chrome with screenshot editor and QR code generator

Some app developers have developed separate share sheets for their apps, but Google is now working on shared sheets like YouTube, Maps, News, and Photos.

Google is introducing a similar feature in its browser Chrome. This share sheet will have two rows of icons. At the top will be the Copy Link, Screenshot Editor, and QR Generator buttons, below which is a list of share-to-web icons.

If you want to use this feature from now on, you need to use Chrome Canary. Chrome Canary is essentially an unstable version of Chrome, with upcoming features being tested. After installing Chrome Canary, type Chrome: // flags into the address bar and enable it by going to chrome-sharing-hub.

Then find it by # chrome-share-screenshot and enable it too. You will then be able to use the share sheet feature. Many of the functions in the upper row of the share sheet are not yet enabled. The screenshot editor feature will also be enabled later.

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