Google Promises Not to Use Fitbit Data For Advertising to Circumvent EU Antitrust Review

Google Promises Not to Use Fitbit Data For Advertising to Circumvent: NetEase Technology News July 10, according to foreign media reports, according to informed sources, Google promised not to use Fitbit ‘s health data from wearable device manufacturer to help its targeted advertising business, this move may prevent the EU from spending 2.1 billion on its plan U.S. dollar bid for Fitbit transactions launched a comprehensive antitrust review. Read More: Apple May Produce 80 Million 5G iPhone 12s This Year

Google Promises Not to Use Fitbit Data For Advertising to Circumvent

The deal announced in November 2019 allows Google to compete with companies such as Apple, Samsung, Huawei and Xiaomi in the fitness tracking and smartwatch markets. According to data from market research firm IDC, Apple is the global leader in the wearable device market, with a market share of 29.3% in the first quarter of 2020, followed by Xiaomi, Samsung and Huawei, and Fitbit’s market share of only 3 %.

Despite this, Google’s acquisition has attracted severe criticism from privacy advocates on both sides of the Atlantic, who worry that Google may use Fitbit’s health data to strengthen its dominance in online advertising and search.

Earlier this month, the European Union’s regulators asked about the opinions of wearable device manufacturers, application developers and other online service providers and healthcare providers. Read More: OnePlus Launches 3 New Smart TVs Launched in India, price starts at just Rs 12,999

People familiar with the matter said that Google could, as promised last year, provide the EU with a binding commitment not to use Fitbit’s health data in Google ads to appease these concerns. The European Commission declined to comment.

According to the plan, the agency will make a decision on the transaction before July 20. The source said that the deadline for Google’s concession is July 13, otherwise it will trigger a four-month investigation after the EU’s preliminary review.

A Google spokesperson said: “There are many participants in the wearable device field. We believe that the combination of Google and Fitbit hardware efforts will increase competition in this field, benefit consumers, and make next-generation devices better and more affordable.

Throughout the process We clearly promise that we will not use Fitbit’s health data in Google ads, and we have a responsibility to provide people with more choices and control their own data.”

The US Department of Justice is also reviewing the deal, and the Australian regulator said it may harm competition.

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