Google Maps updated with new icon, new layout

Google said in a blog post that on the 15th anniversary of Google Map this app is being introduced in a redesign with a new icon.
Google Maps was first introduced in 2005 before Android and iOS. When Android surfaced, its main feature was the use of Google Maps. Before that, TomTom and Garmin used to sell their GPS units and to support turn-by-turn maps on American carrier feature phones. Used to ask
Google has also revealed the evolution of Google Maps’ new icons in a video. The Hamburger menu has been removed in the new Google Maps design. Instead, two more new teas are added to this app below.

Customers find new places in the Explorer tab. This is where consumers can find restaurants, other places of the city and entertainment venues and more.

In the Commute tab, users can find the best way to get home from work and from home, whether on the car or on foot.
In the Saved tab, users can view their saved places, reservations, plans and upcoming trips. In the Contribute tab, you can write reviews about different places and provide other information on Google Maps. The Updates tab is actually a feed, which shows the trending places near you. Is.
The Google Maps icon and a few features have been updated for almost all users, and the rest will be updated soon.

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