Google Launches New Coronary Pneumonia Authoritative Information Aggregation Web Page to Cope with Panic Caused by Fake News)

Google has launched an information aggregation webpage on the new crown pneumonia outbreak in the United States, which is dedicated to providing authentic information on educational science, prevention methods and local resources from authoritative institutions.

According to a business insider report on March 22, the above-mentioned webpage launched by Google aims to highlight information from authoritative sources at the frontline of the epidemic, such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the World Health Organization (WHO), etc. And prevention and epidemic prevention, as well as resource information aggregation affecting individuals and enterprises.

Google Launches New Coronary Pneumonia Authoritative Information Aggregation Web Page to Cope with Panic Caused by Fake News)

Google launched this webpage in the wake of a large-scale outbreak of new crown pneumonia cases in the United States. As of 12:44 on March 23, a total of 33,073 patients have been diagnosed in the United States, with 340 deaths.

At present, from the news of Fox Television to the group chat in the encrypted chat software Whatsapp, the rapid spread of fake news about new coronary pneumonia on a large number of platforms has caused a lot of misleading and panic.

Google said that now on its search engine platform, related content of the new crown virus has dominated global search.

“As New Crown Virus has become a challenge for more and more communities, and many authoritative institutions around the world are developing new measures and tools to respond to this global pandemic, we will continue to look for opportunities to connect people with key information to protect people, Home, and community safety, “said Emily Moxley, director of product management at Google Search, in a statement.

According to a report by TheVerge on March 21st, the above webpage currently only supports English, but a Google spokesperson told TheVerge that the webpage will soon support Spanish. In addition, webpages are designed with accessibility in mind, including the ability to use larger fonts commonly used by Google.

At present, large US technology companies have taken measures to provide support for the epidemic, but their role is limited.

A week ago, on March 15, Google Life Sciences and Alphabet subsidiary Verily launched a website designed to help the San Francisco Bay Area build online tools to increase risk screening and testing for high-risk groups. Although U.S. President Trump introduced the site at a press conference to help people screen for symptoms, Verily later clarified that the site is not applicable across the United States, but only for some people in the San Francisco Bay Area.

In addition, the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has partnered with Microsoft to create a “self-test” chatbot, but the Wall Street Journal reported on March 19 that a medical supplier executive was quoted as saying that “this It’s just something that helps people reduce anxiety. “

TheVerge commented that many large technology companies are now working to provide support for the new crown epidemic, but none of them can solve the biggest problem in the global pandemic, namely access to testing and the upcoming crisis in the US medical infrastructure.

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