Google Hears Bad News For Huawei Smartphones

Google’s applications and services will not be available on Huawei’s new smartphones due to US government restrictions.

Google shared a post on its ‘Android Support Forum’ that the new smartphones of Chinese company ‘Huawei’ will not have Google services and will be difficult to move or install Google’s applications.

The Post stated that because of the US government’s ban on working with Huawei, Huawei users’ mobile phones will not have basic applications like YouTube, Gmail, Google Play Store nor will users have to download them. Can do.

Chinese company Huawei pleads against US sanctions

It should be noted that before downloading the Google application on any smartphone, it must be certified (certified) by Google, which includes a rigorous security review.

Huawei phones did not have to go through any such security policy, which is why Google has taken the stand that they cannot guarantee that users’ data is safe in these phones.

Note that this Google policy will only apply to devices coming after May 2019, and smartphones manufactured earlier will not face such restrictions and will continue to receive some basic security updates from Google. Will

According to reports, Huawei company is also developing a personal operating system for its mobile phones, after which it will no longer need the Android operating system. The operating system has been temporarily named ‘Hong Meng’ and will probably be introduced later as ‘ArcOS’.

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