Google has stopped New Android phones in Turkey to lose Google antitrust dispute

The French Office of Competition Supervision announced on the 20th that, because of the "abuse of the dominant position in the Internet advertising market

Google told its Turkish business partners that it will not be able to work with them to develop new Android phones for the Turkish market. Earlier, the Competition Commission of the Turkish antitrust regulator ruled that Google’s amendments to its contract were unacceptable.

In September 2018, the Turkish antitrust regulator imposed a fine of 93 million lire (about 17.4 million U.S. dollars) on Google, citing that Google ’s mobile software sales violated Turkish market competition laws. A ruling at the time stated that the company was allowed to make rectifications within six months to restore normal market competition.

The Turkish Competition Commission’s ruling in November said that the changes Google made in accordance with the commission’s requirements in contracts with business partners were not enough because they still did not allow changes to the default search engine.

“We have informed our business partners that we will not be able to work with them to develop new Android phones for the Turkish market.” Google said in a statement, “However, consumers can still purchase existing device products and be able to Use these devices and Google apps normally. And no other Google services will be affected. “

However, Google also said that it is working with the Turkish government’s regulator to resolve the issue.

Google announced the news through a Turkish public relations company, which sent a Google statement to Reuters on Monday. In addition, Turkish media Haberturk reported the news over the weekend, local time.

The Turkish Competition Commission said that Google was fined 0.05% daily for revenue in accordance with the rules, and that all penalties would remain in effect until all requirements made by the commission were met. Google was allowed 60 days to challenge and appeal the ruling.

The antitrust regulator has requested that Google must modify all of its software distribution agreements to allow consumers to choose different search engines in the Android mobile operating system.

Turkish media Haberturk has reported that Google shared the contact details of the Turkish Trade Minister and the head of the antitrust regulator in a letter to business partners, and called on both officials to put pressure on them to change Google’s decision.

Google’s Russian rival Yandex may have contributed to the investigation and punishment that Turkey’s antitrust regulators kept watching.

In January 2019, the antitrust regulator also said that it had launched an investigation into whether Google had violated competition laws and used algorithms for search and targeted advertising.

The agency said the investigation was initiated on the basis of a previously received allegation that Google “has abused its dominance and made other companies’ efforts difficult

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