Google, Facebook and Twitter threaten to shut down service in Pakistan

Search engine Google, social networking website Facebook and Twitter threatened to shut down its services in Pakistan.

According to details, the Asian Internet Coalition (AIC) group wrote a letter to the Prime Minister regarding social media regulation in Pakistan.

The letter addressed the Prime Minister and said that the implementation of new social media laws in Pakistan is very difficult for the AIC.

The letter states that the closure of Google, Facebook, and Twitter services will affect 70 million users, including general users and business people.

According to sources, after receiving a letter from the AIC, the federal government has decided to stop the implementation of new social media laws.

According to IT officials, a committee has been set up to review the new social media laws and consult with stakeholders.

Sources say that a committee set up by the federal government will consult all the stakeholders.

The committee will be headed by Digital Pakistan’s Tania Eros, Social Media Focal Person Dr. Arsalan, and Additional Secretary IT Ministry.

Sources further said that in the consultation process, the ministers of human rights will be included in the meeting. Barrister Ali Zafar will be included in the committee.

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