Google announces Nest Hub Max, a voice assistant compatible speaker that distinguishes user faces

US Google started a developer event “Google I / O” on the 7th, local time. Announced “Nest Hub Max”, a speaker with a voice assistant for cameras.
 The company announced the Google Home Hub last year, but the model did not have a camera. “Nest Hub Max” is equipped with a new camera that enables gesture control. In addition, the user’s face can be recognized, and more personalized information notification can be performed. In addition, it has a function that tracks the movement of the user as long as it is within the camera’s vision. Of course, since “Google Assistant” is installed, control by voice is also possible. Compared with a smart speaker, the user can obtain more detailed information on the information that the user has asked about because the display is installed.

 The display size is 10 inches, and you can watch YouTube and view search results. In addition, because it is equipped with stereo speakers, sound quality is also good. The previous model “Google Home Hub” was renamed “Nest Hub”. Both have been announced for sale in Japan, but the release date and price have not been disclosed. In the US, “Nest Hub Max” will be sold for $ 229.

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