GM to release “true” driverless car without pedals and steering wheel

Netease Technology News on January 21, according to foreign media reports, people familiar with the matter said that General Motors (General Motors) self-driving car startup Cruise will launch its first driverless car in San Francisco on Tuesday.

The self-driving car developed by Cruise in cooperation with General Motors is completely different from a driver’s car, which is more spacious and more convenient for passengers.

 People familiar with the matter said that the car, which will be released at an event in San Francisco, does not have traditional controls such as pedals and steering wheels, which can provide commuters with more space in the car.

Cruise spokesman Ray Wert said the company would not launch a traditional car and declined to comment further.

Cruise has been testing Chevrolet Bolt compact electric cars for many years, with drivers in the test cars. 

Cruise and General Motors originally planned to launch a carpool service last year, and the self-driving car released on Tuesday may be used in related businesses.

Cruise CEO Dan Ammann said in July that the company wants to ensure that the technology is completely safe and that the public and government are ready for driverless cars. 

He said Cruise has a “clear outlook” on getting all regulatory approvals.

Cruise has obtained permission from California to test driverless cars on public roads. Executives at the company have been in discussions with state officials to make rules that allow for charging in driverless cars.

Cruise has raised $ 7.25 billion in funding from investors including Honda Motors, Vision Fund operated by Japan’s SoftBank and Puxin Group. (Chen Chen)

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