German Interior Minister: Opposes excluding Huawei from German 5G network construction

Xinhua News Agency, Berlin, January 18 ( Reporter Ren Ke Shen Zhonghao) The German “Frankfurt Report” reported on the 18th that the German Federal Minister of the Interior Zehofer had clearly stated in an interview with the media that he opposed the exclusion of Chinese Huawei companies in Germany. Beyond 5G network construction.

“I oppose the exclusion of a product from the market just because there is a possibility,” Zehofer said that without Huawei’s participation, Germany may not be able to build a 5G network in the short term, and the 5G network construction process may be Postponed for 5 to 10 years.

Zehofer emphasized that on this issue, he “very agrees” with Prime Minister Merkel.

Whether to allow Huawei to participate in German 5G network construction has been a hot topic in Germany recently. Under pressure from the United States, some German politicians have suggested excluding Huawei for cybersecurity reasons; however, many people represented by Chancellor Merkel believe that specific suppliers cannot be preemptively excluded.

In a recent interview with the Financial Times, Merkel said that Germany should strengthen security requirements for all telecommunications equipment suppliers and diversify their suppliers so that they will not rely on a company in the 5G field. She said it was wrong to simply exclude a company.

Chinese Ambassador to Germany Wu Ken delivered a speech at the annual conference of a regional industrial and commercial conference in Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany, calling on Germany to make an independent and fair decision on Huawei. Wu Chen said that in the context of China’s continued opening of the market and German companies operating in China if Germany excludes Huawei from 5G construction for political considerations, it will not only be a form of discrimination, but also a false signal of protectionism. 

The German Bundestag will make a decision on whether to exclude Huawei during the construction of 5G networks.

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