“Galaxy S20 +” reservation page image leaked or “Galaxy Buds +” gift with terminal reservation

Samsung’s next smartphone “Galaxy S20 + / S20 Ultra” and wireless earphones “Galaxy Buds + (all tentative names)” are now appearing on the reservation page and appear from overseas.

This post from Evan Blass, a well-known leak account. Prior information has stated that the Galaxy S20 + / S20 Ultra is equivalent to the middle model and the top model in the Galaxy S20 series, respectively.

There is little new information found from this image, but you can see the 100x zoom notation on the back of the Galaxy S20 Ultra. Preliminary information states that the model is equipped with a periscope camera and is capable of 10x optical / 100x digital zoom. Also, it seems that both S20 + / S20 Ultra terminals have 4 cameras on the back.

For Galaxy Buds +, there seems to be no major design change from the previous model, as suggested by the leaked rendered image earlier . According to advance information, it does not have a noise canceling function like Apple’s AirPods Pro, but it will increase battery capacity.

There is also a notation in the image that Galaxy Buds + is included for free if you reserve the Galaxy S20 + / S20 Ultra. It has been rumored that the earphone jack will be abolished in the Galaxy S20 series . Rather, it may be a suggestion by Samsung to actively use wireless earphones.

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